Turn influencers into the engine that drives your revenue, brand, and content.

Use the most comprehensive European influencer search to find great influencers. Analyse their previous collaborations, evaluate your competitors' influencer strategy, and automate campaigns to scale your performance.

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Why you should use Avalan.


Spend 4 hours on influencer search.

Spend 30 minutes going through their posts & comments to check engagement.

Spend 2 hours outreaching influencers one
by one.

Spend 1 hour checking whether influencers have posted the right content.

Spend 3 hours creating a report to show success of your campaign.

with avalan

✔ Spend just 7 minutes to find right influencers.

✔ Spend 3 minutes analysing influencers and seeing all the data you need.

✔ Spend 10 minutes outreaching all selected influencers at once.

✔ Spend 5 minutes in your dashboard where you see all their content in real-time.

✔ Spend 2 minutes to share a report that we create automatically for you.

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Find The Right Influencers

• Search our 67.9 million influencer base to find the best influencers for your brand.
• Use a combination of more than 10 filters like number of followers, engagement, hashtags and more.
• You can even search with emojis ⛵️.

Make Sure They Are Right For Your Brand

Analyse influencers' audience demographics such as their gender and location. Check which brands they have worked with and how real their audience is so you do not spend your budget on fake followers.

• More than 30 in-depth metrics.
• 1-year history of brand collaborations

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Competitor metrics shown together with an influencer posing for a campaign

Learn What Your Competitors Are Doing

Discover their influencer marketing strategies and improve your own performance.

Learn what works for them.

See best and worst performing influencers and what is their most engaging brand content.

See who they work with.

Track which influencers they work with, how many of them are paid and their average influencer size.

Analyse their strategy.

Learn how much of the tagged content is sponsored, how often influencers post and even see new campaigns in real time.

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Automate Campaigns With Just A Click.

When influencers mention your brand or hashtag you want to use in your campaign, we automatically save and analyse their content.

You can even download them instantly. Again, with just one click.

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